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Posted by Edward on 3/26/2013
The website is being worked on every day to further increase the ease and use for our customers. If you have any recommendations or criticism being good or bad we would like to hear!
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Richard MacPherson Date 12/18/2013
Is there some way of entering the BMW part # and it will tell me if you have in stock, price and a picture. Sure would save some huge time.
John Woodland Date 1/26/2014
Looks like the blog is not being looked at often or at least not resulting in a lot of activity. You could change that dynamic by putting up tech tips and how to's as well as objective product reviews.
Douglas Yates Date 7/30/2016
many parts without a photo or text description.
Michael Quinto Date 2/20/2017
It would be useful if your search option did not require the spaces in the part number as well.
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